Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance



The Warema name stands for quality and service. Even after the guarantee period or if products break down (including products that we did not deliver), our service department will remain ready to provide assistance.

What can you expect from us?

· qualified personnel (including Contractors' Safety Checklist (VCA))

· a service specialist on site within three days

· breakdowns solved in emergencies within 24 hours


You can report breakdowns by telephone using the direct-dialling number of our Planning Department

(+31 (0)495-498375) or our Secretarial Office (+31 (0)495-530205). You can of course also send an e-mail to: or



If you would prefer to prevent breakdowns and avoid any unexpected expenditure, you can opt for one of our maintenance contracts:

· inspection

· service

· service and cleaning

· all-in long-term maintenance

Obviously, the findings of our inspections and the details of our service work are recorded in a report.


If you want to retain control of costs and do not want to be confronted with any unexpected expenditure, choose our comfort guarantee.

We believe in our products, which is why we offer our clients a five or ten year guarantee.

A comfort guarantee has to be agreed within 2 years of delivery. You pay a fixed amount per year for the contract and do not receive any invoices for repair work carried out while the guarantee is in effect. The fixed amount does, of course, include standard maintenance.


The guarantee gives you extra security as well as added value.

It ensures that your sunshade system will always be excellently maintained and kept in repair.

Furthermore, the guarantee is transferable, which can mean added value for your building.


Comfort Guarantee

A question of believing in quality and service. You can't beat it!