HP sun shading

HP sun shading: up to 40% energy savings with intelligent sunlight protection.



Climate change is irreversible and is having a major impact on people and the environment. It is driving innovation and forcing us to take action quickly. Our answer to climate change is HP sun shading. High Performance sun shading has become the new standard in light and heat control systems.


Europe has to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2020. The smart use of sun shading is one of the least known and understood methods for saving energy in buildings, which is a pity because buildings account for no less than 40% of our total energy consumption. We should therefore design 'more intelligent' buildings!


The sun is a free source of light and heat. The effective use of sun shading can lead to significant energy savings. Heat reflection by sun shading means that the air conditioning does not need to be switched on so quickly, especially in the summer. In addition, energy gains can be achieved in the spring, autumn and winter precisely by letting in the 'free' warmth of the sun.

Installing sun shading increases the level of comfort in a building, reduces absenteeism due to illness and cuts the heating bill. Consuming less energy also means lower CO2 emissions and therefore a decrease in environmental impact.